What’s in your pocket?

I've often wondered what people carry around in their pockets. Those items must be considered important enough to be kept that close at hand. I'm not sure this applies to women that carry a purse since most of them I have had the displeasure of looking in tend to contain a daily/monthly/weekly survival kit. So if it's not in your purse, murse or daily carry and is actually on your person tell me what you carry. 

This is what is in mine:


There are several things missing from the above list that I add for my second job that I add on the days I'm working it.


The one thing that I have tried to carry over and over is a flashlight. I've not had much luck in finding a small one that works for me yet. I've tried the following lights over the last couple of years:


What's in your pocket?

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  1. Currently — wallet, keys, pen.
    However, in my jacket, which is behind my desk, I carry a lighter (I do not smoke, but I do enjoy cigars on occasion), a Leatherman multi-tool, my phone (Blackberry), usually my Honey-Do list, and on occasion a bottle of 5-hour energy (yeah, not really needed, but when I crash, I need a pick-me-up and this stuff really works).
    In my truck (my main method of transportation) is the rest of my important gear.  As I am a volunteer firefighter, I have more crap (survival, backpacking, rescue) than most people have in their houses.  I never know when I'll end up in the mountains rescuing some idiot who is either lost, cold, or injured.
    (It is good to have you back, Chris!)

  2. Strangely, I also enjoy reading about folks "every day carry" things!  (I also wonder about this instinctive reluctance to look in a lady's purse…  Just doesn't seem appropriate.)
    Anyway – here's my list:
    Car key – separate keyring since I drive whatever's easiest to get out of the driveway in the morning.  
    House/work keyring – has a paracord lanyard tied on to make it easy to find in my pocket and a small Nite-IZE S-biner to clip my pocket knife onto
    Swiss Army "Midnight Manager" knife – LED light, scissors, pen, blade, file, screwdrivers – my favorite!
    Inova X1 flashlight – (Target) single AA battery – REALLY bright, small enough not to be a problem but big enough to use.
    Change (if I have any)
    Cell phone – Blackberry Curve 3g (company phone – I'd prefer an android…)
    Eyeglass cleaning cloth
    Hankie – handy to have when being a gentleman, as well as being useful for many other things as well!
    Wallet – stuffed with stuff I probably ought to clear out, but will need as soon as I get rid of it.
    I've found that I carry ALL of this ALL the time – yeah, it seems my pockets are a bit full, but I use this stuff constantly.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Car key & fob in one pocket, all other keys on seperate ring, opposite pocket.  Older cell phone Motorola, cant beat old phones for land-line talk quality.  Toss an old Apple iTouch in the car for checking e-mails at wi-fi locals on the road if needed.
    On the key ring with all other keys, also a small can opener and a Freedom Micro light with covert nose shield.  When a better light is needed that day, I carry a 4Sevens Preon 1 with alternate clicky switch or an Olight i3 EOS, both lights are single AAA.
    Olfa Touch-Knife for every day cutting, I dont mind if I have to trash a $1.29 Olfa.  Victorinox Rambler in Alox for other work. One small/short plastic pen, five packs sold in most dollar stores. (Fisher pen knock-off) 
    Wallet is that AL-ETT nylon thing.  Best wallet Ive ever had, I bought spares, but have not needed to replace first one yet. Keep hard copy of phone numbers in wallet incase cell phone disapears or dies. Laminate type-written side of phone list with clear packing tape and it will last years.

  4. While waiting in line at Best Buy over the holidays I picked up (impulse buy) an Energizer keychain light for $7.99.  It has three setting; bright, dim, and flashing.  They could probably get away with only having bright and flashing as the dim isn't too far off the bright.  For what it is I'm happy with it.  For now it is my primary carry flashlight.  I've been thinking of a Streamlight Stylus Pro as an option, but am a touchy-feely type and haven't seen one in any stores (when I think to look around for it).
    Here is the product link on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Energizer-High-Keychain-Light-Modes/dp/B002NGAXNI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325870891&sr=8-1

  5. Try the Streamlight Nano.  It is a great keychain flashlight.  You can always buy a Maxpedition Micro Organizer to hold a bigger flashlight, multi-tool, sharpie, etc.  That's what I do.
    Left front pocket: keys, nite-eyes s-biner, fisher trekker pen, stream light nano, leatherman micra, and paracord lanyard.
    Right front pocket: Spyderco Persistence, Garminfone ASUS, bluetooth ear piece.
    Left back pocket: leather wallet.
    I carry the Maxpedition Micro Organizer in my laptop bag, coat pocket, cargo pants pocket, etc. when I have room.  I'll add details another time about what I carry there.
    Thanks for a cool blog.

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