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I wanted to pop in and give everyone some updates on the Slida, orders and accessories, so here it goes…

Since I launched the Slida a couple of months ago I have been inundated with orders. I underestimated the demand that the product would have and have been playing catch-up ever since. I one point I thought I was almost caught up so I put up the last Slida post then receive another big round of orders. Needless to say I am still just trying to keep my head above water and the holidays have not helped. I am back now and production is back in swing. So if you have an outstanding order for a Slida it will go out in the mail on Monday since USPS is not running on New Years Day. 

There have been several Mora models added to the Slida offering and several more a coming. I have managed to track down a Mora Miki at a reasonable price so it will be added shortly. Also coming are some of the Mora Carving knives. Specifically the Mora 120 and, if I can figure out a decent solution a sheath for the Mora 162 it too will be available.

Unfortunately I have had to remove two models from the offering. First was the Mora 711 because my master knife was damaged and the demand does not warrant purchasing a new one. Next I had to remove the 511/546 due to the design of the finger guard. It simply will not fit the standard pattern and make a decent Slida. I do intend to release a 2nd version of the Slida in the future that will address this knife and several other issues that I have experienced with this design. 

Because all this may be a bit confusing here is an updated list of models supported


Knife Models
Currently I am only offering the basic Slida Neck Sheath and lanyard for the following Mora knife models. NOTE: There are no accessory carriers available right now!
   – Mora Bushcraft Triflex / Bushcraft Force
   – Mora Bushcraft Forest / Bushcraft Signal
   – Mora HighQ Allround
   – Mora 2000
   – Frosts Clipper 840 / 860
   – Frosts 911
   – Frosts 740 / 760
   – Frosts 510 / 545
   – Mora TopQ Allround

I will be adding the following Mora models shortly:
   – Mora Miki
   – Mora 120 Carving Knife
   – Mora 162 Crooked Knife

Due to the shape of the Mora Classic wood handled (#1 & #2) knives I cannot make a sheath that will safely retain the them. I have, therefore, decided not to make the Slida for these Mora models.

Slida Accessories

This is the latest list of upcoming accessories for the Slida sheath.

– Firesteel Carriers for:
        Light My Fire Scout Firesteel (January)
        Dad of All Trades Firesteels (January)
        Light My Fire Mini Firesteel (1st qtr 2011)

– Flashlight Carriers for:
        Tank 007 TK703 AAA LED Light (future)
        eGear Pico Zipper Lite (future)

– Belt Wearing Attachment:
        Dangler Belt Loop (future)
        Tek-Lok Attachment Plate (future)

– Tool Carriers:
        Leatherman Squirt PS4 carrier
        Leatherman Micra carrier

4 thoughts on “Slida Updates!

  1. Thanks — your 12/30/10 update addressed my recent question about whether there is a Slida for the Mora 546.  Will look forward to the second version of the Slida in that regard.  

  2. Hello, 
    I am just wondering when you will have accessories available for the slida. Id like to order one, but want to get the accessories shipped with it all at once. 
    Thanks, Great looking product, though.

  3. hello i would love 2 know if there is a sheath 4 the mora 2010 or could i buy 1 that will fit it if any do. love the sheaths very nice quality i would love 2 purchase 1 thank u 4 yr time

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