Slida Neck Sheath

Over the years i have become increasingly frustrated at the poorly thought out design of the sheaths that Mora included with their knives. It seems to me that they just don't care. I've looked for other sheaths to replace them but have had little luck in finding one since I don't care for leather for a multitude of reasons. So, about 4 months ago I started playing around with some sheath designs and went through multiple redesigns along the way. The Slida Neck Sheath is the result of my frustration…




I've tried to design a sheath that is perfectly suited for the typical bushcrafter as well as the discriminating ultra-light backpacker. It's compact, light, durable and provides the user with a couple of choices when deciding how they wish to rig the lanyard. In the near future I will be adding accessory attachments that will easily fasten to the accessory "rail" that I have included in the product design. The options for expansion will include a firesteel holster for the Light My Fire Scout and Mini firesteels, the Dad of All Trade Boxwood Handled Firesteel, and a couple of common small LED flashlights. 

Below is an image that shows more detail of the Slida neck sheath:

Check it out in the Shop which is now up and running again.

5 thoughts on “Slida Neck Sheath

  1. Fantastic looking sheath design with some really nicely thought out carry options – great job!  Not sure exactly what models of Moras you are making them to fit, by any chance are you making ones that fit the Mora 711?

    1. Brian, Check out the shop listing for them. There is a pulldown with the currently supported models in it. I’ll be adding more as I go.

  2. Howdy,
    I'm interested in a sheath for my Mora Bushcraft Triflex. At this time, can a firesteel holster be added? If so, how much extra? I would prefer to order it together as to avoid shipping charges on two separate orders.

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