Shop Closed!

Due to the inconvenience of life happening I have had to discontinue making Slida Sheaths. You may have also noticed that I removed the shop from the site as well. The plus side to all of this is that I am again truly gainfully employed sort of. My work caters to my ADD simply because it is made up of two part time jobs that when combined make one full time and then some. I alternate days between the jobs so I don't get board and I truly enjoy it. Al this will probably change early next year but for the time being it works out quite well for me. 

I really do wish I could make all the Slida's that people have been requesting but It is just not possible, I'd probably go insane if I tried. I'll take sanity over Slida's, sorry. Thank you for your previous orders and requests for new orders. It's not everyday that someone hits on a product that is so in demand. I regret that I am unable to fulfill that demand.

1 thought on “Shop Closed!

  1. Sad to see the store close. It would be nice to see the store open, perhaps seasonally or once/twice a year.  I'd just have J. Klass put up an anouncement on youtube.  Open the store temporaraily, make a little money and shut it down again.  Everyone one wins! 

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