Norwood by Lake Tillery

Norwood04It’s 10pm on the Sunday before Labor Day. I’m sitting at our site in Norwood Campground, just across the road from Lake Tillery in Stanly county NC. We, being the family and I, arrived yesterday. It’s been interesting so far…


The drive from Raleigh was uneventful but drawn out by a commitment that we made while we were at the NCRVDA RV Show the previous weekend. More on this to come in my next update though. We made a quick stop at a local produce stand after our previous commitment then headed to the campground. We arrived and I immediately thought that it appeared rundown and old but I figured we’d do it anyway. Chances of finding an alternative on Labor Day weekend are slim to none.


We were shown to our site by a very nice gentleman who was lacking a fair amount of the normally allotted teeth.  When we got to the point in setting up where we normally fire up the old air conditioner to dry thing out I noticed that the compressor was tripped the breaker in the camper. I reset it and tried again. The breaker didn’t trip but it never fully started up. I knew that our unit was working when we left home that morning and was suspicious of the power hookups since they were on a piece of 2×4 nailed to a tree. I messed with the AC for another few minutes. A few minutes later our dentally challenged friend returned with some firewood for us and I asked if there was an electrician on site. Jackpot! I got not one but two. They were eventually able to determine that the voltage was dripping on the outlet and never coming back up when the AC pulled a load on the line. They tried to fix it but ended up having to pull a new service line which was quite easy since all the lines are strung through the trees like Christmas lights.


The following day we decided to explore the area. Our first stop was Morrow Mountain State Park. I grew up go to this park but T and the kids had never been. We checked out the little museum then headed for the overlook. It’s quite an amazing view considering it is in the middle of the Piedmont zone of NC. We walked a short trail around the circumference of the peak and admired all the flint left by the Native American tribes that quarried it from the mountains. After spending a couple of enjoyable hours in the State Park we headed toward the Town Creek Indian Mound. The Indian Mound is a very interesting site that is worth the visit. I’ll leave it at that since I cannot begin to explain them adequately.


Monday we had a normal campground morning. The kids played and fishes while T and I packed the camper. When we had finished up, we policed the campsite and headed for home. Overall the weekend was filled with interesting experiences, all of them educational in some way. We have struck another campground off our list, permanently; seen some places that most of us had never seen and learned a bit about campground membership scams.

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