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Since I launched the Slida Neck Sheath last weekend I have been inundated with questions about attachments and accessories. I want to clear the air, reduce emails that take valuable manufacturing time away, and generally get everyone on the same page.

Knife Models
Let me start by setting a base line. Currently I am only offering the basic Slida Neck Sheath and lanyard for the following Mora knife models. NOTE: There are no accessory carriers available right now! 

– Mora Bushcraft Triflex / Bushcraft Force
– Mora Bushcraft Forest / Bushcraft Signal
– Mora HighQ Allround
– Mora 2000
– Mora CraftlineQ 511 / 546
– Frosts Clipper 840 / 860
– Frosts 740 / 760

I will be adding the following Mora models shortly:

– Frosts 510 / 545
– Mora TopQ Allround
– Frosts 711 / 746

Due to the shape of the Mora Classic wood handled (#1 & #2) knives I cannot make a sheath that will safely retain the them. I have, therefore, decided not to make the Slida for these Mora models. 

Slida Accessories

As I ramp up production, upgrade tools and generally get into the groove I will be making additions to my offerings. Here's a quick list of those perspective additions and accessories for you to drool over…


– Firesteel Carriers for:
        Light My Fire Scout Firesteel (early December)
        Dad of All Trades Firesteels (early December)
        Light My Fire Mini Firesteel (1st qtr 2011)

– Flashlight Carriers for:
        Tank 007 TK703 AAA LED Light (future)
        eGear Pico Zipper Lite (future)

– Misc Accessories:
        Dangler Belt Loop (future)
        Tek-Lok Attachment Plate (future)
        Leatherman Squirt PS4 carrier
        Leatherman Micra carrier


Custom Slida Sheaths
Sometime after the first of the year I will start offering to make Slida sheaths for your prized bushknife or out of production Mora model. The process will go something like this…

You will contact me via email and send me a photo of your knife so i can determine if a Slida Sheath will work for it. We will them work out a price for the sheath. Next you will drop you knife in the mail (with delivery confirmation & insured) to me. I will make the sheath and anything else we agreed to in our emails. I will then drop it all back in the mail to you in an insured, signature required box. However, due to state and federal laws I will only be able to offer this service within the US and only in states that allow the shipping of knives. 

8 thoughts on “More Slida Info

  1. I really like the idea of the neck sheath, and will probibly buy one, but are there any plans for a belt carry sheath?

  2. I do not intend to make a different sheath for belt wear. I will be adding two attachments, in the future, to the Slida that allow for belt wear. In the list above you will see the "Dangler Belt Loop" and the "Tek-Lok Attachment Plate". However I don't have a schedule for them planed yet. 

  3. Like your site and am interested in your Slida sheath.  Your 11/17/10 post indicates that you are offering the sheath for the Mora 511 and 546 models, but when I go to your "Shop" page, the drop down menu doesn't reflect those models.  Do you offer the sheath for those models?  I have a 546 and am looking for an alternative to the sheath that came with the knife — preferably one that can accommodate a firesteel as well.  Thanks in advance for your response. 

    1. Dave, I have dropped the 511/546 due to the design of the finger guard. It does not allow me to make decent mold of the knife for a Slida. I may decide to offer it in the future but no currently.

  4. We were wondering if you are still making your sheathes and how long of a wait there is for them?
    Thank You,
    Carla and Allen

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