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With all the discussion about water bottles and what is good and what is not, not to mention the stink with SIGG and BPA, its tough to decide what to use for a water bottle. A lot of people are leaning toward other metal bottles, usually stainless steel, while the Ultralight guys tend to just use soda bottles. I’ve tried my share of them too but usually end up back at the good old original white Nalgene bottle. They are nearly indestructible, fairly light weight, and very cheap. I lean toward the 1 quart bottle with the wide mouth but this is a compromise. I’d prefer the narrow mouth bottles because they are easier to drink from but they are more difficult to clean, especially in the dishwasher. Humangear has recently come out with a product that eliminates this issue as far as I am concerned. It’s called the capCAP.

capcap_1537_detail[1]The capCAP is essentially just a replacement cap that has a smaller hole with a cap in it. Simply take off the original Nalgene; or Camelbak, Cyclone, Stansport; cap and replace it with the capCAP. It’s that simple.

Review: This is short and sweet. It’s awesome! I’ll probably have 2 or 3 before all is said and done which is OK since they are only $5.95 each at REI and possibly cheaper online.


2 thoughts on “Humangear capCAP

  1. Hi Chris!
    I love these, but was a bit concerned when I saw the description that stated rubber. I contacted the company and they responded within minutes to let me know that that they were latex free! The rubber on the capCAP is made from a “TPE” (Thermo Plastic Elastomer). It is not latex rubber.
    I can’t wait to get them!

  2. Awesome review, getting one today from the LLBean store! Also @Jo This is the only place online I found where someone new it was latex free. I have a latex allergy and I’m so excited to be able to get one!

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