Grasshopper Outdoor Products MonoMASTER


The Grasshopper Products MonoMASTER is a very nice little device designed to contain all those tiny snippets of tippet and line generated while fishing your favorite stream. Essentially it’s a tube with a Velcro covered cylinder inside it that can be spun around to grab line. It’s got a fairly large capacity too. It easily handled three days of fishing debris including a good bit of line that I picked up out of streams left by the dry legged spin fishing locals. I also got a couple of nice Mepp’s Spinners out of the streams that will come in handy for the kids someday.

Review: This is a great item to have and is by far the best idea for on stream trash collection that I have seen yet. It’s also super cheap at only $11.95 as well. I only have 2 small complaints about it: 1) While it was in my hot car at lunch the adhesives used to stick the Velcro to the plastic cylinder came loose and had to be stuck back down. I’d suggest pulling off the bead of hot glue that Grasshopper runs down the Velcro seam, lifting the edges of the Velcro up and super gluing them back down. It’s working for me. 2) It could be a bit smaller or they should come out with a small/mini version. This one is just a bit large form a minimalist fly fisherman like me.  So stop toting around that little leader bag full of line scraps or stop stuffing them in your vest pocket and get one of these. Despite the minor adhesive issues this is a great idea and a great product that I highly recommend. Help keep our streams clean.