Firesteel Carrier Available!

Since day one of the release of the Slida sheath I have been asked to release a carrier for a firesteel as was shown in Jason's video review. Well, I'm happy to say that it is finally here! This little accessory will allow you to carry a Light My Fire Scout firesteel attached to your Slida. It's available for order in my shop. I put together the video below to take you through the kit and installation…


While I am on the topic of things in the shop. I have decided to discontinue the Dad of All Trades Firesteel. There are just too many firesteels on the market and since I don't even carry one then I can't in all fairness continue to sell one. If you are interested, I carry the Aurora Fire Starter and the Light My Fire Scout with a modified handle. You can see my LMF Scout in the Fatwood Matchstick Tinder Box video.

UPDATE! Today I got my hands on the LMF FireSteel 2.0 Scout. I tested it with the Slida Firesteel Carrier and have found it to work in the carrier the same as the original LMF Firesteel Scout.

4 thoughts on “Firesteel Carrier Available!

  1. Hello,
    I'm really excited for this firesteel holder for my knife. You said during the video that shipping would be free but when I tried to place an order a shipping charge is shown. Am I doing something wrong or is there another issue?

    1. Jason, That is the idea. If you are carrying a carbon knife then you have a striker in the sheath. A stainless knife will work but not as well.

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