Contest: Fly Fishing Disasters

monomaster-prizeA few weeks back I reviewed the Grasshopper Products MonoMASTER . After the review I forwarded it on to the contact email on the Grasshopper Products website and received a reply back from Ian @ Grasshopper the same day. Well, in response to my minor issue with the MonoMASTER Ian sent a new one to me along with a zinger. Rather than keep it I have decide to give it to someone else for them to enjoy. I’ve stolen an idea from Jason over at Gear Talk and I’m going run a little contest. So here’s the scoop…

To enter you just have to post a comment on this blog entry detailing your worst fly fishing disaster ever. Whether it was line failure, a snake dopping in the boat with you or even an incident in route to or from your rod time. I’ll read the posts and decide which I like best the post a winner on Sunday, October 18th. I’ll contact the winner via email and send off the items that Ian sent to me for you to enjoy. That’s all there is too it.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Luke Thomas’ story the the one that I can relate to best. Congrat’s Luke. Please send me your snail mail address at and I’ll the the gear out to you. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Contest: Fly Fishing Disasters

  1. it might not be the worst but i think ill put my 2 cents in.

    After planning a fly fishing trip for months me and my buds set out for the Colorado Rockies for a 6 day trip. After a 2 hour plane ride we arrived at the airport to find that all but 3 of 6 the rods and reels had arrived and been put on another plane luckily that plane arrived just 2 hours after ours. after that mishap we continued on our pursuit of trout after 3 days of wonderful fishing we settled down for a nice camp fire and then bed as we set down for the night. at about 3am my friend set out for the bathroom. as he returned that dreaded crack of a sound occurred after flipping on the head lamp we found that 2 of the two of the rods had slipped off the tree and landed right under his feet.

    all in all it was a trip to remember.

  2. This didnt happen to me but I was told this story buy the gentleman in coutersport PA after talking about the steel head fishing where I grew up in western NY. He had hired a guide to fish the great lakes for steel head and salmon and had bought a brand new Sage 2 piece for the trip (I know it was a 2 piece because of the topic of the stroy). I think they where on Cataragaus Creek but im not sure (oh well). His first fish of the trip he hooks a nice trout and it runs into his backing and he cant believe it. He was from Georgia and had never hooked a trout that big. The fight didnt last long though because when he went to tighten the drag his rod snaped at the ferrul. I guess they could hear the other guys on the bank when it broke. He said his heart just sank into his gut and was a little embarrased. He said he could only guess it was already cracked and the fish just finished the job. The guide lent him a rod and he got the sage replaced but needless to say he lost the fish. He joked that he showed up with a 2 piece rod and left with a 3 piace rod. He did quite well in potter county that week though.

  3. I remember growing up forgetting out reels a handful of times…. looping the leader over the final eye on a flyrod works great for the little streams we used to fish. Forgotten rods are a bit harder to overcome, but a nice willow stick works almost as well for most kids and managed to put a fish or two in the frying pan.

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