Bambu Bamboo Reusable Spork

newspork-actualWeighing in at a mere 0.2 oz and a diminutive 3.5″ x 1.4″ this little jewel of a utensil is simply not even noticed in your pack. I must admit that I am not a huge fan of the spork but I’m not sure that this item is actually a spork. It has a full spoon and a full fork but it’s missing the handle portion, sort of. The Bambu Bamboo Reusable Spork is responsibly made in China, through the Bambu Co-Op, from a sustainable resource.

Review: This little spork (?) is a great item to add to your kit or even replace your Titanium spork with. It has a more natural feel to it and does not get hot like metals do when it is used as a cooking implement. My only complaint about it is it’s length. If it was an inch or so longer it would be much better for cooking operations. Other than that, I like it and certainly can’t complain about the price of $1.99 each. Just make sure you don’t order the disposable version of them.

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2 thoughts on “Bambu Bamboo Reusable Spork

  1. Looks like a useful, lightweight utensil. I am curious though about the finish? Is it sealed somehow, or somewhat porous? I’d be a little concerned about build up of food, etc.


  2. Leesa, I’ve been doing some extensive testing of this item since your comment and I must say that I am quite surprised by it. It has held up well and food buildup has not been a problem do far with he exception of when I cooked eggs with is. I was able to clean it with a green pad after that though. I do recommend treating every so often with a Bamboo Goo ( or a similar product to preserve it. I have a cutting board in my kitchen that I treat about 4 times a year and it is holding up fine aftoer 2 years.

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