A little bit about the camper

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”
― Danny Kaye

This past June we purchased a 2009 Coleman Destiny Sedona pop-up camper as a replacement for two tents. Though the tents are nice Eureka family tents the camper is light years more comfortable. So lets talk about it a bit…

The Sedona is the smallest camper in the Coleman Destiny lineup. When closed it is an 8′ long box, 13′ with tongue and rear bumper. Once opened and setup it is a mere 16’9″. This is tiny in the grand scheme of pop-up campers. The average appears to be 18′ – 21′.


The image above is the layout of the camper. It is sufficient for our family of four when we use the single bed for one kid and convert the dinette for the other. Our goal has not been to spend time in the camper but to experience our surroundings and adventure out so a small camper is fine for now. I cannot fathom why folks drive 37′ RVs to a campground and only get out to connect the power, water, sewer and CABLE. Seriously, what is wrong with this picture.

Our camper is equipped with the standard sink, inside stove, propane furnace, 3-way refrigerator and air conditioning. A full length single bed, a short single bed (convertible dinette) and a double bed. It’s a basic model with a few upgrades but they are the right ones. It even came with a bag awning. We simply couldn’t pass it up at the price.

We consider it a great start but there are many changes, modifications and improvements that we want to make so that we can get the most out of it. I’ve decided to keep a running list of them in the right hand sidebar of the blog and as I, eventually, write about them I will link the post from the checklist. I’ll kick it off right now.

At the time of this post we had already taken two weekend long trips so I am playing catch up. I’ll post about each trip shortly. Since purchasing the camper I have been exploring the forums, pinterest and web to see what others have done to their campers. After our first trip is became obvious that we needed more storage about the sink so I explained to T what other had done to address this issue. We decided that we should head down the same path. I picked up all the necessary parts at the hardware and big box stores and got to work. This is what we have started with though I have already modified it a bit.

This is just the first change. There are more to come so stay tuned…


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