I have two children that are coming up on scouting age, a 7 year old girl and a 5-1/2 year old boy. I’d like to get them involved but I just can’t get committed to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) because of it’s discriminatory policies and the Girls Scouts appear to have become an unfocused, watered down version of it’s previous self. We tried a starting SpiralScouts circle but that organization has such an internal pissing contest going on with the founder that we decide to abandon it.  I’ve been looking at the other alternatives out there. I am looking for a secular organization that still teaches the basics of outdoor skills like the BSA of old without the politics and BS policies attached.

  • Camp Fire USA – Not available in our area currently so I’d have to start a council.
  • Adventure Guides & Princesses – Looks promising but is owned and overseen by a christian organization.
  • Earth Scouts – While I agree with the charter of this organization it is not apparent that they teach the skills I want my children to learn. They also appear to be fairly political in nature since they are part of the Earth Charter US.
  • Scouting for All – While started as an inclusive alternative to the BSA its activities make it overtly political.


I’m taking a more serious look at:

Over the past several years I have seriously considered starting up a some type of traditional scouting organization that is more focused on bushcraft and woodlore skills. The primary reason for this consideration has always been the lack of an existing local group that fits in with what I feel scouts should be.  If I am going to have to start a local group for another scouting organization why not start one of my own? I know I won’t have the support of the larger organization but based on my past experience (Spiral Scouts) they seriously complicate matters.