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Shop Closed!

Due to the inconvenience of life happening I have had to discontinue making Slida Sheaths. You may have also noticed that I removed the shop from the site as well. The plus side to all of this is that I am again truly gainfully employed sort of. My work caters to my ADD simply because it is made up of two part time jobs that when combined make one full time and then some. I alternate days between the jobs so I don't get board and I truly enjoy it. Al this will probably change early next year but for the time being it works out quite well for me. 

I really do wish I could make all the Slida's that people have been requesting but It is just not possible, I'd probably go insane if I tried. I'll take sanity over Slida's, sorry. Thank you for your previous orders and requests for new orders. It's not everyday that someone hits on a product that is so in demand. I regret that I am unable to fulfill that demand.

SALE: Slida v2 Sheaths

I've finally gotten around to making a few Slida Sheaths this past week. The best part of that is that they are the new version2 Slidas. The shape is slightly different from the v1's and they have the weep hole for drainage. They are complete and ready to be dropped in the mail to whom ever wants one. I have a limited supply and they are being offered on a first come first serve basis. The following Slidas are available:

    6 – Mora Clipper with the Light My Fire firesteel carrier and black lanyards SOLD OUT!
    3 – Mora Bushcraft Triflex / Force with firesteel carrier and black lanyards SOLD OUT!
    3 – Mora 2000 with the Light My Fire firesteel carrier and woodland camo lanyards SOLD OUT!

Price: $25.95 + $3.50 for US shipping. Paypal only. I can quote you shipping to your address if it is outside the US. 

Since my shopping cart does not support a limited supply of an item the ordering process is as follows.
          1) Send me an email at Sales(at)DadofAllTrades(dot)com with your
               name, address and the model Slida you desire. 
          2) I will reply to you with instructions to make the Paypal payment. If I
               have sold out of the model you are looking for I will let you know that.
               I will also update this post as Slida models sell out.
          3) Once your payment is received (and any holds have cleared) I will
               ship your Slida to the address as it is listed in Paypal. 



Firesteel Carrier Available!

Since day one of the release of the Slida sheath I have been asked to release a carrier for a firesteel as was shown in Jason's video review. Well, I'm happy to say that it is finally here! This little accessory will allow you to carry a Light My Fire Scout firesteel attached to your Slida. It's available for order in my shop. I put together the video below to take you through the kit and installation…


While I am on the topic of things in the shop. I have decided to discontinue the Dad of All Trades Firesteel. There are just too many firesteels on the market and since I don't even carry one then I can't in all fairness continue to sell one. If you are interested, I carry the Aurora Fire Starter and the Light My Fire Scout with a modified handle. You can see my LMF Scout in the Fatwood Matchstick Tinder Box video.

UPDATE! Today I got my hands on the LMF FireSteel 2.0 Scout. I tested it with the Slida Firesteel Carrier and have found it to work in the carrier the same as the original LMF Firesteel Scout.

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