ParisonTubesThere is a nearly indestructible plastic tube that has recently started to become popular for all kinds of things ranging from being used as test tubes for kids to carrying a minimalist first aid or survival kit. These plastic tubes come from companies that manufacture soda and water bottles out of PET plastic. You may have heard them called baby soda bottles or preforms, they are technically called Parison Tubes. These tubes are the middle stage of the three stage process used to manufacture 2 liter soda bottles, well technically all soda bottles. These just happen to be for 2 liter bottles. A standard soda bottle cap fits them and they are water proof and air tight. That alone a makes them perfect for all kinds of things that I can think of… tinder storage, loose tea or pipe tobacco container, mini first aid kits, water sample collection or even a test tube.

Review: I’m not sure that there is a bad thing I can say about these little guys. I love them. They are a great item for just storing crap in or carrying that one thing you don’t want destroyed in. They are light at only 1.8oz empty, unless you are an ultralight speed freak. They are nearly indestructible and last but not least they are really cheap. At 40¢ to 70¢ each, depending on where you get them and how many you purchase, they are well worth owning a few or perhaps a few dozen. I know you will find a use or ten for them.

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