smashed-video-tape460In my last post, Happy Holidays!, I said that I would be posting my first video review about now. Well, it’s not happening. I’ve been messing with and re-recording the video since before the holidays and I keep hitting two snags. First, while the camera I have is a 720p HD camera and does take nice video, the microphone built into it is severely lacking in quality. I guess that is to be expected considering that it is a sub $100 camera that I got for free. Second, the camera outputs video as a MOV. This is really not a problem but it does add that extra step to the process, which is the conversion of the file to another format that is better suited for editing. MOV is crap and should the format should be eliminated all together.

I’m not giving up on video though. I will get my hands on a decent camera in the next month or so and get started with them then. In the meantime, I have a large list of items to review and will pick back up with the good ol’ written review, which should actually go easier now that I have gotten Dragon Naturally Speaking up and running on my system again.