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I have two children that are coming up on scouting age, a 7 year old girl and a 5-1/2 year old boy. I’d like to get them involved but I just can’t get committed to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) because of it’s discriminatory policies and the Girls Scouts appear to have become an unfocused, watered down version of it’s previous self. We tried a starting SpiralScouts circle but that organization has such an internal pissing contest going on with the founder that we decide to abandon it.  I’ve been looking at the other alternatives out there. I am looking for a secular organization that still teaches the basics of outdoor skills like the BSA of old without the politics and BS policies attached.

  • Camp Fire USA – Not available in our area currently so I’d have to start a council.
  • Adventure Guides & Princesses – Looks promising but is owned and overseen by a christian organization.
  • Earth Scouts – While I agree with the charter of this organization it is not apparent that they teach the skills I want my children to learn. They also appear to be fairly political in nature since they are part of the Earth Charter US.
  • Scouting for All – While started as an inclusive alternative to the BSA its activities make it overtly political.


I’m taking a more serious look at:

Over the past several years I have seriously considered starting up a some type of traditional scouting organization that is more focused on bushcraft and woodlore skills. The primary reason for this consideration has always been the lack of an existing local group that fits in with what I feel scouts should be.  If I am going to have to start a local group for another scouting organization why not start one of my own? I know I won’t have the support of the larger organization but based on my past experience (Spiral Scouts) they seriously complicate matters.

What’s in your pocket?

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I've often wondered what people carry around in their pockets. Those items must be considered important enough to be kept that close at hand. I'm not sure this applies to women that carry a purse since most of them I have had the displeasure of looking in tend to contain a daily/monthly/weekly survival kit. So if it's not in your purse, murse or daily carry and is actually on your person tell me what you carry. 

This is what is in mine:


There are several things missing from the above list that I add for my second job that I add on the days I'm working it.


The one thing that I have tried to carry over and over is a flashlight. I've not had much luck in finding a small one that works for me yet. I've tried the following lights over the last couple of years:


What's in your pocket?

What’s happening…

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It's been quite a while since I have posted on the site. I have not had much time to even think about camping, fishing or anything except work and Halloween.

I am currently working two part time jobs. They are about as different from each other as is possible. For part of the week I am an I/T director at a public charter school and for the other part of the week I work for Parks and Recreation as an Amusements Technician. It's the best of both worlds. After spending 18 years with IBM the I/T position allows me to keep my hands in and actually accomplish something with meaning unlike my time with Big Blue. In the P&R position I work on everything from peddle boats and scale trains to water fountains and Christmas decorations. I also have my on workshop under construction. For me this is type of employment totally works.

Halloween at Grimrot Cemetery this year was excellent, though wet. I put out our normal props; the scarecrow, the flying witch, Maggie the Flying Crank Ghost, our little Axworthy ghosts and seven new tombstone for the cemetery. I spent most of October building the new tombstones and they came out much better than the old ones were. I plan to add two more next year since I have leftover foam to use up. There were some minor issues with the drive system for the flying witch due to the rain and not getting her setup just right but it's nothing a major rebuild can't fix.  So that is on the plate to accomplish before Christmas so the drive is not occupying space in the garage.

We had our Annual Halloween Movie Night the Saturday before the big night. The crowd was smaller than usual but a great time was had by all in attendance. All'Hallows brought out about a hundred ToTs in the rain. Our house was the hit f the neighborhood as usual. The display looked great and the new tombstones brought back the beauty of Grimrot Cemetery that had been missing the previous two years. I'll get the Grimrot Cemtery website updated with new photos soon.

I'm not sure what is coming for Dad of All Trades next. I have a couple ideas but until I get to them I will probably just use it as my personal blog again. My time manufacturing Slida Sheaths took the focus away from the original intent of the blog and I'm kind lost with it now. I'll find it. I have some things that I want to talk about soon. Things like Geocaching alternatives, survival caches, winter trout fishing and camping,  squirrel hunting, and work stuff just to list a few. I hope those of you that have stuck with me this far will continue to do so in the future. 

So this the beginning of a fresh start. I've made a promise to myself that I would post at least two times a month but I will try to post every week. Even if the post is just a random picture of something I came across in my daily goings.