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Goodbye Old Friend!

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Last year Mora of Sweden decided to discontinue the Mora #510 and #545 model knives from their line. Since then they have still been fairly easy to find but have finally started disappearing from all the stores. This is bad news for the Bushcraft community since these were the two knives of choice for most outdoor schools and a favorite of individuals. It was compact, comfortable, durable and perfectly suited for all types of bushcraft activities.

What’s Next?

Mora of Sweden has seen fit to put a replacement product out there but I’m not sure they hit the mark. The new knives are the #511 in Carbon and #546 (#546-G) in Stainless. This new series of 5xx knives have a prominent guard molded into the grip. This guard poses several disadvantacges when compaired to the old #510 from my perspective. While the addition of this guard makes the new #5xx series safer to handle it also makes it feel odd in my hand. When carving or slicing with it the guard can get in the way. The other disadvantage I see with the guard on the #5xx series is not actually with the knife but with the sheath. Because of the added guard the sheath is now directional. This means that it is no longer ambidextrous and left handed users will find it draws backwards when worn on their left side. There is not the option to order a left handed sheath for these knives so you will have to make your own or find one somewhere else.

This does not mean that we, as bushcrafters, must now start using our high end Fallniven F1 to split wood or other mundane but potentually knife destroying tasks. It simply means that we need to address the problems with the new #5xx series and make it better suited for our use. So, I will be putting together a video series that will take you through the process of customizing the Mora #511 and making it a bit more friendly.  Stay Tuned.

Fatwood – Part 4: DIY MayaDust

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Through the years I have heard people refer to Fatwood by a lot of different names including maya wood. Some of you will recognize the name Maya as part of a product name from Light My Fire. I know a few folks that swear MayaDust is the best tinder ever sold. On the flip side of that I also know folks with the opposite opinion of it.

I tend to side with the later group for two reasons: 1) Cost: At an average price of $5 for 1oz its too expensive to justify its the purchase and 2) Ease of lighting: As Jason over at Gear Talk demonstrated, it is extremely difficult to start with the typical scout sized firesteel. If you have lighter its not a problem but then again it is also not needed.

If you are an advocate MayaDust then you may be relieved to know that you can make it yourself for next to nothing.  This video shows you how.

If you are looking for a wood rasp to do this you should take a look at the Curved Multi-Rasp from Harbor Freight Tools. At the diminutive price of $2.99 it costs less than a single package of MayaDust and will pay for itself after you use less than an once of DIY MayaDust. The rasp I use is called the Surform Pocket Plane from Stanley but I only use it because I already had it on hand.

Blog Shop is now open!

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I’ve put a few things up for sale in a new shop tab on the blog. Take a look around.

Fatwood – Part 3: Splitting Matchsticks

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There have been a several folks that have asked how I split my fatwood matchsticks. I put together this little video that takes you through the process. If you’re not up to making your own matchsticks or are having a hard time finding you can hope over to my new Shop and order some up.

I’m excited because I filmed this video from my newly built overhead camera rig and there was no tripod in my way.